Watery eyes: Causes and Treatments

Watery Eyes

What is Tear?

Eyes are the best part of humans to express their emotions. People show their sentiments with their eyes full of tears. It is part of the human emotion created by nature. We often cry or get tears whenever we are hurt or we get emotional. In the happiest moments, we get tears in our eyes. In human beings’ tears are the way to express love, hate, anger, joy, grief…etc. it is not any disease or infection, it is very natural in us. A normal person produces tears as a part of pain response. tears have symbolic significance among humans. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) you make 15-30 gallons of tear every year. Sometimes your eyes get watery without any psychological reason. It is not because of some emotions or sentiments it might be any kind of infection. In such cases you must consult doctors. your eyes also get watery when you catch any kind of infections or disease.

Cause of watery eyes

Other than emotional responses our eyes get watery for numerous reasons. If you got any eye disease or eye infection and allergies then you may get watery eyes. Followings are Some important reasons of watery eyes:

When you got something in your eyes

When you get something in your eyes like dust particles, dirt, eyelash, smaller insects…etc. your eyes will produce tears. This happens because your eyes get irritated by these foreign particles. This cause of watery eyes is a good thing because Your tears protect your eyes by keeping them moist and washing out those particles. Also when we get exposed to smoke it tears up our eyes.

Dry eyes

Your tears are a complex mixture of water, mucus, fatty oils, that keeps your eyes smooth and clear with the right balance. Watery eyes can be a syndrome of dry eyes. When your eyes dry they become irritated and uncomfortable. Dry eyes syndrome is caused by a lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture. This imbalance won’t stay longer and results in tears.

Red or pink eyes

Pink eyes are caused by viruses or bacteria. If you get a cold due to a virus then your eyes will turn red or pink. Pink eye conjunctivitis is an uncomfortable and contagious eye syndrome caused due to bacterial or viral infection. It will make your eyes watery and irritated.


All eye allergies make your eye watery. When your eyes overreact to something or it comes into contact with something as an adverse immune response your eyes get allergies. It makes your eyes itchy, watery, and puffy. Other than that when you catch a common cold due to virus attack it will make your eyes watery and swollen.


Styes caused by a bacterial infection. When oil glands on your eyelid is blocked by dirt, dead skins…etc. the risk of bacterial infection increases. In this condition your eyes become swollen and a painful lump grows in your eyelid.

Cosmetic product use

Eyes are a very sensitive part of our body. Women use cosmetics or makeup to make their eyes beautiful. Sometimes the makeup products you use contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause a harmful sensations in your eyes and your eyes can get watery.

Inflammation in eyes

Inflammation in eyes are allergic reactions developed during hay fever seasons. In this condition, your eyes become watery, red, swollen and irritated.

Scratches in the eyes

The scratch on the front of your eyes is called corneal abrasion. This situation might cause irritation in the eyes, watery and red eyes.

Wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses cause irritation, itchiness, infections and allergies. If you are wearing contact lenses then your eyes can catch dust, dirt, pollen…etc. this itchiness and discomfort will make your eyes watery.

Weather condition

Due to changing in weather or cold weather there may be a huge chance of getting cold and fever or flu. During this condition you may cough and sneeze. Under this bacterial and viral infection your eyes get negatively affected and can get watery whenever you sneeze or cough.


Eye injuries such as deep bleeding inside the eyes, accidents… etc. makes a deep impact on eyes. You may lose your eyes. Consult an eye doctor and go through eye surgery as soon as possible.


Watery eyes can be a cause of eye disease like eye cancer, chronic sinus infections, Sjogren’s syndrome…etc. in these cases your eyes will tear up without your knowledge.

Exposure to bright light

Exposure to bright light radiations like UV radiation, bright sunlight…etc. can damage your eyes. There is a high risk of getting several harmful eye diseases as well.

Cutting onions

When we cut onion the synthase enzyme converts the amino acids sulfoxides of the onion into sulfenic acid. The unstable sulfenic acid rearranges itself into syn-propanethial-S-oxide, and with exposure into air and then with contact with your eyes it becomes irritated and produces tears.

Treatments of watery eyes

Eyes are One of the most important parts of our body. Through eyes we see the beautiful world We cannot ignore its safety. Watery eyes may be normal in humans but in some cases, it is not normal to get watery eyes, if you have any kinds of infections or allergies Treat or cure it before it’s too late. The treatment of watery eyes depends upon its syndromes or problem. Whenever you get watery eyes or get any kind of eye infection then contact your doctor as soon as possible. Some home remedies can be useful but don’t get any medication without a doctor’s prescription. Some treatment we can follow if we get watery Eyes:

  • If you have any allergies, infections or disease then use medication as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Use prescribed eye drops.
  • Regular eye check-up.
  • Use antibiotics if you have eye infection.
  • Undergo surgery if you have blocked tear ducts. 
  • Don’t expose your eyes into bright sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. 
  • Use grasses whenever you go out, to save Your eyes from dust particles and exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid eye makeup if you get watery Eyes. 
  • Insomnia can cause watery eyes so get proper sleep at night.
  • Don’t take stress.
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