Eye pain: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Eye Pain

Everyone else faced the trouble of eye pain at any time. Eye pain can occur in people of all age groups. Eye pain is a catch all phrase to describe discomfort on, in ,behind or around the eye that means eye pain can affect any part of the organ from the orbit of the eye to the pupil ,sclera ,eyelids ,cornea , nerve endings etc. Pantsuit never over the problems if  pain , inflammation or itching in the eye keep on for a long period. Sometimes eye pain occurs due to tiredness but other times the problem could be serious. So people who have faced pain in the eye shouldn’t take it casually consult with an ophthalmologist.

Causes of eye pain | Eye pain reason :-

Eye pain cause a lots of soreness that’s are :-

Corneal Abrasion:-

This Disease is a scratched cornea. One can hurt their eye while rubbing them, leading to corneal abrasion. Although most corneal abrasions are not serious, they can be so uncomfortable and cause light sensitivity, watery eyes or itching.

Most of the surface scratches heal on their own within 24 hours. But in other cases the deep scratches lead to Corneal ulcer and serious infection if left untreated. It is quite impossible to guess if eye pain is due to minor scratches or a deep abrasion or  corneal foreign body. So everyone should consult with an eye doctor if any sharp discomfort does not resolve instantly.


   Inflammation of the conjunctiva is classically defined as conjunctival hyperemia associated with watery mucoid discharge. This may be viral,bacteria or allergic conjunctivitis.


  • Discomfort, foreign body, blurriness and redness
  • Mild photophobia : difficulty to tolerate light
  • Mucopurulent discharge from the eye and sticking together of lid margins with discharge during sleep.
  • Slight blurring vision due to mucopurulent flakes in front of cornea.
  • Due to swelling in blood vessels  the white part of the eye looks reddish.


Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin. It is an extremely common disease in all age groups of people. It may be bacterial or parasitic.It also known as eyelid bump.


  • Chronic irritation
  • mild lacrimation
  • gluing cillia
  • mild photophobia and itching like symptoms are shown in blepharitis.

Entropion & Ectropion:

 Entropion refers to annoyed rolling and rotation of the lid margin toward globe (eyeball). Out rolling or outward turning of the eyelid margin is called ectropion.


In both the cases the symptoms like foreign body sensation, serious irritation lacrimation and mild photophobia are shown.


 probably the most common pain around the eye is inflammation within the eyelid which is the common sty also called hordeolum.


Include acute pain associated with swelling off the lid mild watering and photophobia.

Dry eye:

Another very common cause of eye comfort is dry eyes .Usually dry eye discomfort begins more slowly and gradually then eye pain from a corneal foreign body or abrasion.Sometimes dry eye lead to corneal abrasion because there are not enough tear on the surface of the eye to keep the Cornea moist and sleepy.


Inflammation in Cornea is known as keratitis.


  • Foreign body sensation
  • Mild pain to severe pain
  • Watering
  • Photophobia
  • Blurred vision

Scleritis :-

Scleritis refers to an inflammation of the sclera proper (a layer of sclera).it is a comparatively serious disease which may cause visual impairment and even loss of the eye if treated  inadequately.

Symptoms :

  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Redness may be localised or diffuse
  • Photocopy and lacrimation may be mild-to-moderate.

Glaucoma :-

Glaucoma is not a single disease process but a group of disorders that damage the eye,is called Glaucoma. It is detected as a most dangerous eye disease. If it is not treated properly a person can drop his vision.

Due to high intraocular pressure of eyes or due to ocular hypertension Glaucoma is caused.

Clinical features:

Asymptomatic:-  The disease is  mostly insidious and usually asymptomatic ,until it has caused a significant loss of visual field. Therefore, periodic examination is required after middle.

Treatment of eye pain:

Only an eye care professional determines the exact cause of your eye pain and prescribes the correct treatment to prevent damage to the eye and possibly permanent vision loss.the eye doctor will give a different treatment according to the disease or the condition of the eye.some eye problems do not even require a doctor’s invention and get resolved by home remedies.But if there is a serious issue which is not solvable by own please consult with the eye specialist otherwise that can lead to permanent loss of vision

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