Eye Stye – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Eye Stye - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Anyone can develop eye problems in their life, some eye problems are common and some are serious. One of the most common eye problems is eye stye. Eye stye is a red bump, kind of like a pimple, that forms on the outside edge of the eyelid. It is an inflammation of the eyelid caused by bacteria. It is also known as Hordeolum. Anyone can develop this eye inflammation. The eye stey is not a serious one but these are painful and irritating. At the bases of eyelashes a small oil gland you may develop a red bump that is irritated and painful. Usually, you may find steys are developed outside of your eyelid but you may develop it outside of your eyelid. These are not a serious one you may get rid of this problem within 4-7 days without consulting a doctor.


Styes are a kind of infection or inflammation caused by bacteria. When something clogged in the oil gland of our eyelid that usually caused bacteria attack, hence eye stye may develop. There may be some factors that cause eye stye such as:

Eye Makeup

If you are using eye makeup and you are not removing it before going to sheep then that may cause you eye stye. Along with that if your makeup reaches its expiration date that also can be a cause. Another reason can be the chemicals of your eye makeup.

Less sleep

If you are getting less sleep at night or you are suffering from insomnia then you may develop an eye stye.

Poor diet

If you are not having a healthy diet and you are consuming all kinds of oily and spicy food then it can cause you an eye stye.

Unhygienic habit

If you have some unhygienic habit like not washing your hands and face often thoroughly, then you have a high risk to develop eye stye.


Anyone can develop eye stye but there is more chance that the adults may develop this problem very often.

Skin problem

If you have certain skin problems like rosacea or dermatitis then it is a chance of getting an eye stye.


Like other inflammation, it also has some symptoms you may find if you got an eye stye. Styes normally saw to develop in one eye at a time, but it is possible that it can develop in both of your eyes. It is pretty rare to develop stye in both of your eyes. As the style develops, you may found some of the following symptoms:

  • A pimple-like red bump on the eyelid
  • Redness around the bump
  • A yellow spot in the middle of the red bump
  • Your eyes may appear swelling and puffy
  • You can feel pain, irritation, and discomfort in your eyes.
  • You also can feel itching in your eyes
  • Very much tear in your eyes
  • Your vision may get blurry
  • You can feel sensitivity in bright light
  • You may find yourself uncomfortable in blinking
  • You may feel something bothering you in the eyes.


Eye stye is a very common infection in the eyes. No medical emergency required to cure this problem, it can be cured at home if you follow some steps. This eye style hardly takes 7-10 days to cure completely. All you have to do to follow some instructions if you are getting any symptoms of eye stye. Followings are some instructions to follow to cure this inflammation:

Use warm compress

If you get any symptoms of eye stye then a warm compress is a very effective way to treat your bump. First, get a clean washcloth. Soak it in warm water (make sure water is not too hot). Then gently place it over your eye for about 5 to 10 minutes. This warm treatment can drain the style naturally.

Do not touch the affected area

If you get a style then try not to touch it often, by doing this you may increase the risk of infection.  Normally our hands possess tons of viruses and bacteria. If you torch aur rub the affected area with unwashed hands, then it may take more than normal time to be cured completely.

Clean the eyelid regularly with mild soap and water

Normally the island area on our face is a very delicate part.   while washing the face we may have to be more careful with the affected area.   Studies say that if we wash bacteria affected areas with soap then it effectively kills some bacterias. keep cleaning your eye stye part with mild soap and water.

Avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses

Wearing makeup can worsen the eye stye affected area.  it might take more than normal time to be cured completely.  Also, avoid wearing contact lenses if you are used to it.  These things can cause the spread of infection.

Use antibiotic ointments

To cure the eye completely you can apply some OCT antibiotic ointments to the affected area. It can kill bacteria and cause faster recovery. It can give relief to some of your pain.

Don’t pop the bump

Sometimes people get irritated by this problem and they pop the bump. Try not to do this as you can increase the infection and you may need medical care.

 As we have discussed before the eye stye is a common infection that can be cured at home without taking medical help. Apart from this, you can take medical help if your eye stye is somehow getting worse. Don’t hesitate to take some advice from professionals. If your style doesn’t go away within a week then it may require surgical treatment. Try to get help from the doctors regarding this problem.

You can maintain some hygienic stuff to stop this infection to affect you in the future such as:

  • Getting proper sleep at night,
  • removing your makeup before going to sleep,
  • maintaining proper hygiene and
  • healthy diet…etc.
  • can make you stay away from this infection. By following these steps, you can stay healthy and can avoid all kinds of health problems

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