Contact Lens Basics: All about Contact Lens

Contact Lens Basics


Contact lenses are thin lenses placed on our cornea to help us see better. They are used to correct vision or simply for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses are very safe if used properly and is a very effective form to correct the vision. Any kind of carelessness whether not keeping the lenses clean or not store them as directed by the physician can cause serious risk to your eyes like infections.

Contact lenses give you a wider view than the glasses because it fits into our eyes are does not need any focus. As it is inside our eyes so it is not affected by the weather conditions such as fog, rain and they do not even get steamed up in hot weather. However, wearing contact lenses for too long can cause damage to our eyes. One should wear lenses for around 10-12 hours a day only. Therefore we should have a proper schedule and take out the lenses after some time and let our eyes rest. Always keep in mind that you should not sleep while wearing contact lenses not even for 15-20 minutes as it creates a passage for the harmful bacteria to enter our eyes. If you sleep by mistake make sure you put some eye drops after you wake up.


Our eyes are the most sensitive part of our body; therefore, one should always be careful while wearing lenses. Any sign of carelessness can cause serious infections to our eyes. The first and the foremost thing people should keep in mind while wearing lenses or not that keeps your surroundings and hands clean even if you’re are applying some makeup or wearing lenses. Any sign of dirt means injuries to our eyes.

Some of the Do’s and Don’ts are:-

  • Always wash your hand before and after wearing lenses to ensure proper hygiene.
  • Do not pull out the lenses from the case as it might damage or create scratches on them.
  • Always slide out the lenses from its case into your palm to keep them safe.
  • Avoid wearing lenses if your eyes are red, itchy, painful or teary as they can be harmful to our eyes during this period.
  • Clean your lens case with soap at least once a week to keep the lenses germ and dirt free.
  • Do not use tap water to clean the lenses, use the solution provided by the doctors.
  • Do not touch your lenses with dirty hands as the lenses can pass that dirt to your eyes causing serious harm to your eyes.
  • Do not share your lenses with anyone as it can pass the dirt from one person to the other.
  • Do not over wear your lenses, make sure you do not exceed the time as prescribed by the doctor as it damages our eyes.
  • While wearing the lenses makes sure your fingertips are dry and clean.
  • Always keep your eyes closed while applying any sort of makeup as it can create a layer over your lenses and can damage them.


  • People should always keep themselves hydrated as it reduces the chance of infections
  • One should always rinse their eyes with normal water at least 2-3 times a day to keep your eyes clean and cool.
  • One should always avoid using eye makeup if it irritates the eyes.
  • Avoid using colored lenses daily rather limit its use only for special occasions.
  • Always keep your spectacles with you in case your lenses are damaged.
  • Do not make your own rules and regulations for your lenses; always follow what is given by your doctor.

Keep these points in your mind if you do not want your eyes to be hurt and painful. Consult an eye practitioner for the better health of your eyes. As they can guide you with extra tips to keep it clean and healthy. Make sure you check the dates of any product before buying it as expired products are very harmful not only for the eyes but for any part of the body.

Keep yourself clean nothing can ever harm you.


The idea of contact lenses was given by Leonardo Da Vinci. According to him, lenses were supposed to water-filled glass covering worn over the eye, it never happened.

The first successful contact lenses were designed in 1888, and the first plastic lenses came in 1939. Today there are many types of lenses in the market like corrective lenses, cosmetic lenses, and many more. There are even anti refractive lenses, scratch-resistant lenses.



It was launched by Johnson and Johnson Vision names as “ACUVUE OASYS” having the ability to adapt to changing light conditions. It provides correct visions, ability to adjust in darkness or brightness. According to the reports, many people in America said that these lenses help them to drive properly as it does not lead to the strain caused by the bright lights. The lens also adapts itself with UV and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as blue light. It takes a maximum of 1 minute to adapt itself from darkness to brightness or from brightness to darkness.  These contact lenses are said to reduce bright light by 32%, reduce squint by 38%, and help vision recovery by up to 38%. It gives you a more vibrant and clear visual experience.


These are specially designed for presbyopic patients. The lenses are known as Bausch +Lomb ultra multifocal for Astigmatism.  The lenses are available in power ranging from +4.00 to -6.00 D. This lens gives distant and near vision stable for consistent results

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