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ICL surgery is named as Implantable Collamer Lens surgery. It is a procedure, wherein a pair of lens is implanted into the eyes. That do not require to be removed like normal contact lenses. These lenses are related to contact lenses but are entered within the eyes for long-term vision correction.

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ICL Surgery

Absolute Symptoms For ICL

  • Eye power higher than 8 dioptres and up to 18 dioptres.
  • Cornea weaker than 450 microns
  • Cylinder power of the eye higher than 3.5 diopters
  • Unhealthy cornea involving Keratoconus
  • Dry eye conditions
  • Any state where LASIK is not a proper option

Types Of ICL


Relative Indications For ICL

All signs for Contoura Vision, LASIK and smile are also indication towards of ICL as it is assumed to give high definition vision and is not tampering with the cornea as in the case of Contoura Vision/LASIK/SMILE procedures.

Over 6,00,000 ICL’s have been implanted worldwide over the last 16 years. ICL surgery is the safest option in specs power of 8 or more. In moderate powers, they are favoured when the cornea is thin if one has dry eyes and LASIK is not advisable.

Benefits Of ICL

Precise Vision Correction

ICL has been recognised in Europe since 1997 and in the U.S. since 2005. In that time, with ICLs over 500,000 eyes have been implanted By Specialised, certified, functional surgeons with research displaying as 99% patient satisfaction rate. In addition to that, one additionally receives the following benefits:

  • Eye power higher than 8 dioptres and up to 18 dioptres.
  • Cornea weaker than 450 microns
  • Cylinder power of the eye higher than 3.5 diopters
  • Unhealthy cornea involving Keratoconus
  • Dry eye conditions
  • Any state where LASIK is not a proper option

Peace Of Mind

One of the most obvious concerns people have on the laser-based correction is that the procedure forever changes the shape of their eye by eliminating corneal tissue. The advantage of the ICL is that it can forever correct one’s vision yet no natural tissue is eliminated or reshaped in any way through the procedure. If for the strange reason one need or wish to eliminate their ICLs in the future.

During the first stages of many retinal diseases, usually, no symptoms are viewed apart from the change or blurring in vision. While the later stages of the disorders, vision losses and begin to befall which may get serious if not treated well.

In case, if one feels that there is a difficulty in the eye, they should directly consult an eye specialist for more testing. If it is a retinal disease, taking quick treatment will improve the chances of recovering or retaining one’s vision, and restrict extra loss.
In Eyemantra provides the regular eye checkups or consulting with our professionals, we recognise many problems of the eye and recommend solutions respectively. While the first stages of the retinal problems, usually, some precautions and a set of basic medicines and eye drops are prescribed for the treatment.

If the diseases are at advanced stages or they are not being cured with the initial treatment, surgery is then suggested after examining the eye condition and knowing the patient’s problems. This is the time when an extremely experienced surgeon will step in and recognise what type of surgery is required and what will be the recovery time.

Better Night Time Vision

ICL gives better nighttime vision than LASIK with minor complaints of haloes, distortions of light and consciousness to bright light.

Lenses Used In Surgery – EVO

Lenses Used in ICL Surgery – EVO Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses i.e. EVO Visian ICL.

Most people go through life without ever encountering the difficulties induced by retina-related diseases but diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, uveitis etc. can create permanent blindness if not treated at the right time. Eyemantra has a team of doctors with unmatched expertise to offer the most difficult retina surgeries in a safe way.

At Eyemantra Eye Centre, only the EVO Visian Implantable Collamer Lens made by Staar Surgical of Switzerland is used. EVO Visian ICLs are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although other manufacturers also make Implantable Collamer Lenses, the EVO Visian brand is reliable and performs very well. They are formed of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that is fit with the human body.

The EVO Visian ICL also holds an ultraviolet ray filter to shield the eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight. The latest version of the EVO Visian ICL gives the aqueous humor, the natural fluid in the eye, to flow by a hole in the lens. The flow of fluid improves the natural environment round the lens.

The lens is implanted in front of the natural lens of one’s eye just back the iris. The micro-thin, clear lens cannot be felt and does not need any maintenance.

Cost Of ICL Surgery In Delhi

In a summary of the cost of ICL surgery in Delhi, the ICL implants range from nearly Rs. 80,000-1,25,000 per eye . The charge of EVO Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses may appear to be high at first look. But, when one considers that the EVO Visian ICL implant is stable, one may save money over the long term.

There is not a fixed fee for an EVO Visian lens. The price depends on one’s prescription, the doctor and where one has the procedure done. EVO Visian ICL costs more than LASIK surgery. Prices factored into the ICL procedure involve:

  • A precise exam and pre-surgical screening to assure proper fit and prescription.
  • A custom-made lens of high-grade and exclusive material.
  • Fees of Hospital and surgeon’s
  • Post-procedure be resolute.

When one match the costs of an implant to a pair of eyeglasses, one may spend the same or higher over a period of 10 years for the glasses. If one has a powerful prescription, they may opt for thinner lenses, which cost more.
When one adds UV, anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings, the cost of spectacles rises dramatically. Frames also added calculated to the cost. A single pair of spectacles can surely cost a lot of money. One can simply end up spending as much as the surgery over a period of 10 years.

After an ICL implant, 95 % of the patients do not require glasses or contact lenses. If one is in the 5 % of people who may require external vision aids after an ICL implant, there are methods to achieve good visual acuity. If one is over 45 years old, one requires reading glasses.

Our Team

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Dr Shweta Jain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic time duration for ICL Eye Surgery?

The Visian ICL procedure is an outpatient procedure that usually takes a round of 15 minutes. Earlier to the procedure, one will get topical anaesthesia drops to reduce pain. Then the doctor produces a micro-opening to inject the lens into the eye with an injector.

Which is more preferable LASIK or ICL Eye Surgery?

Most doctors accept that, because ICL is a higher invasive procedure than LASIK, it must be held for patients who are not LASIK candidates. In ICL surgery, a little Collamer lens, tinier than a contact lens, is injected into the eye in front of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye.

The results of ICL Surgery are permanent?

The results of ICL surgery are estimated permanent. While the surgery, the natural lens, also the Collamer lens will be eliminated and the latest intraocular lens will be injected. If there is no cataract formation, and no extra hard side effects, the ICL procedure is supposed to have more or less permanent results.

Is putting money in ICL surgery is worth it?

Yes ICL surgery provides these advantages:

  • Nearly every levels of power can be handled
  • Great quality of vision
  • Simply eliminated or replaced in 5-15 minutes
  • Quick recovery
  • Cosmetically high-grade as it’s INVISIBLE!!
How is the ICL different from other refractive procedures?

The ICL is different from other refractive procedures as :

  • Does not cut or eliminate tissue from the cornea
  • Cornea holds it a natural shape
  • Durable surgery over time, no regression
  • Secured for greater degrees of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and thin corneas
Does ICL Eye Surgery harm us?

No, maximum patients say that they are so comfortable during the procedure. The ophthalmologist will apply a topical anesthetic drop earlier in the procedure. Also, may prefer to control a light sedative as well.

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