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Looking for Specs Removal?

In LASIK procedures, a laser is used to improve the curvature of Cornea to focus the light on the retina. LASIK surgery is the most commonly performed specs removal procedure.

  • Exclusive & Secure Technology in Specs Removal and LASIK
  • Keen& sharp-edged Vision: Redefining Visual Acuity Results
  • Free from Hospitalization process: Hassel free treatment with specs only

Spectacle removal has grown super useful and comfortable ever since new and high-level surgeries got more recognition and individuals got more knowledgeable. Although there are various surgeries for spectacle removal one cannot pretend one surgery to be better than the other. Every surgery has its benefits with regards to how it is performed, cost, recovery time etc.

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Contoura Vision vs. LASIK vs. SMILE – Which is Better?

Blade-less LASIK

  • Clear Vision
  • US – FDA certified
  • Femto Laser + Excimer Laser
  • Fastest Visual Recovery – Provides a Perfect Effect
  • Digital tracking while Laser delivery
  • Re-treatments possibilities

Contoura Vision

  • Keen Vision Possibilities – Beyond 6/6
  • US – FDA certified
  • Femto Laser + Excimer Laser + Topolyzer
  • Specs Power rectification+ Corneal Irregularities rectification+Visual Axis Treatment
  • Quick Visual Recovery – Presents everyone a Wonderful Effect


  • Standard Vision
  • US – FDA authorised
  • ONLY Femto Laser
  • Specs Power Correction Possible ONLY
  • Healing takes 5-12 days – No great Effect
  • Manual Tracking – No Digital Tracking
  • Re-treatments probable

Laser Procedures for Spec Removal


SMILE is a step next to Contoura Vision. It is very commonly known as Flapless LASIK. In SMILE technology, only 1 laser known as a femtosecond laser is applied. The laser cuts out a part of tissue i.e Lenticule which is then dragged out by a little opening to produce vision correction. The outcomes of SMILE in Hyperopia and Astigmatism are combined so in present the technology is used principally for Myopic corrections till extra research is made for full use.


LASIK has been about for more than 25 years old procedure. The high-level version i.e Blade-Less LASIK has been around more than 10 years old. Blade-Less LASIK is recognized as the least standard for someone opting for laser vision correction. Blade-Less LASIK includes 2 lasers. First, a Femtosecond Laser is used to produce a flap. Another laser is Excimer Laser applied to change the curvature of the cornea to produce vision correction. Blade-Less LASIK is also very commonly known as iLASIK, Femto LASIK, All-Laser LASIK, etc.

Streamlight/PRK / ASA

Streamlight is the latest intro for specs removal by laser procedures. Epi Contoura Streamlight is specially produced for patients with thin corneas. It delivers excellent results with a fully painless, touch-less, cut-less, blade-less, flap-less laser procedure.PRK was the initial attempt by humankind to produce vision correction by lasers. Currently, PRK practices in very specific cases such as thin corneas and SMILE re-treatments.In PRK, no flap is produced and the laser is immediately applied to the exterior of the cornea. Since flap acts as a bandage and PRK is done without the flap. The recovery in PRK difficult and may times painful. Also, the recovery is lengthy, takes about 10 – 20 days to completely recover. Sometimes recovery from PRK can be irregularASA is an excellent form of PRK. Streamlight is the most advanced technology giving no flap, no-touch benefits.


ICL is micro-thin lenses which are inserted over the natural lens of the eye to induce vision correction. Its is alike to a contact lens, just that a contact lens needs to wear daily and ICL is forever implanted in the eye. ICL is normally advised for applicants not proper for Laser Vision Correction. Such may involve individuals with dry eyes, thin corneas.IOLs are medical devices that are inserted inside the eye to replace the eye’s natural lens when it is eliminated during cataract surgery. They are also used for a type of vision correction surgery described refractive lens exchange.


RLE is also recognised as Refractive Lens Exchange. In this system​, the natural lens of the eye is substituted with an artificial lens. It has the power of both the natural lens and spectacles. It is normally recommended when somebody is not fit for Laser and Lens Implant methods. A patient can take the design and quality of the lens and the procedure can create with a mono-focal, multifocal or a toric lens.Refractive lens exchange, also named lens replacement surgery or clear lens extraction. RLE your eye’s clear natural lens with an artificial IOL to improve and correct your refractive error. Also, obtain sharper focus and decreasing your need for reading glasses.

Glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery – What’s right for you?

Eyemantra is a reputed eye hospital for Spectacles Removal Surgeries by Lasik, SMILE, ICL and Contoura Vision.There is a very popular saying “Protect your eyes or end up blind”.About half the population has a vision problem. But, this is now easy to correct as there is a proper solution for practically all vision problems. Today, an ophthalmologist can benefit virtually everyone with a vision problem.No medicine, junk diets or process can help in enhancing eyesight. In case you do not plan to wear glasses then you must go for contact lens or Lasik laser, SMILE, Contoura Vision and many more procedures. They are the best way to remove specs and are an easy process without any pain. These methods will not increase your number irrespective of you wearing the glasses or not as the number gets steady at the age of 18-20 years. Having a balanced diet with green vegetable and nutritious fruits will help in maintaining healthy eyes and body. If you are not satisfied with the contact lens and need to get relieved from wearing glasses- Then you can get Lasik laser, SMILE, Contoura Vision or ICL done, they are a reasonable and painless procedure.

Benefits we offer after Surgery are :

  • Exclusive & Secure Technology in Specs Removal and LASIK
  • Keen& sharp-edged Vision: Redefining Visual Acuity Results
  • Free from Hospitalization process: Hassel free treatment with specs only

Benefits of taking Spec Removal surgery

No spectacles are needed after the surgery.

  • Modern laser correction procedures can also correct presbyopia.
  • Laser surgery can be a great answer for people with vision problems who are not able to wear spec and tolerate a contact lens.
  • Even the dioptre range within which vision impairments can be corrected depends on the surgery performed. For example, a SMILE can normally correct short-sightedness of about minus 10 dioptres.
  • All the surgery in spec removal are painless, safe and US-FDA Approved.

Tips to Remove Spectacles Permanently

  • If you have eye number, keep visiting the doctor on time. This will keep updating eye number you about your change and will help to correct them on time.
  • Keep a clear distance while viewing the computer and TV. Give rest to your eyes in every 20 minutes and avoid reading in low light.
  • If you are going out in the sun, then must use sunglasses to shield your eyes from ultraviolet rays.
  • You must have 8 hours of sleep daily for good eyesight and also take an eye check-up at a fixed time schedules according to doctor’s advice.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking this will work towards permanent spec removal.

One can follow some home remedies as well that will reduce the eye number

  • To improve the eye power and to remove spectacles, mustard oil our walnut oil acts as a complete remedy for this treatment, massage the soles of the feet with mustard oil or walnut oil.
  • Walking barefoot on the green grass works for reducing the eye number
  • Eyes stay healthy by washing the eyes with amla water or pouring rose water in the eyes daily.
  • Avoid using hair colour, hair dye and chemical shampoo on the hairs because it straight affects the eyes.
  • Make a powder by mixing almonds, fennel and sugar candy in equal measures. Mix 10 grams of this powder in 250 ml milk and take it every day before sleeping and it is very useful for how to reduce eye number.

Diet to be taken for Increasing Eye Power- Rich in Vitamins

Taking some vitamin-rich diet like Carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato etc. contain beta carotene, which is the source of vitamin A. A diet must contain an extreme amount of vitamin C in orange, amla, tomatoes, capsicum etc. Before bedtime, eating 1 spoon of amla powder can also increase the eyesight. Also, Vitamin-E is very necessary to include in your diet take sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, spinach, soya bean, kiwi, mango, Turnip etc. Vitamin A is very essential in removing spectacles and keeping eyes healthy. Eat more of Vitamin A rich foods in your diet.

Procedure for specs removal- LASIK, Smile, Contoura Vision, or ICL?

Depends on your specs number

  • If you are Myopic, SMILE is a more suitable option over LASIK or Contoura Vision. SMILE is a 3rd generation laser-based system and a true bladeless-flapless-painless surgery.
  • For the number between +4 D to -8 D- Contoura Vision is the most suitable option.
  • For number between -8 D to -18 D – ICL is a suggestible option.

Depends on the benefits each carry

  • ReLEx SMILE:SMILE is a flapless, bladeless and dressings free surgery. The recovery takes a few days about 7 – 10 days. The dry eye aftereffects of the surgery are less with a SMILE.
  • ICL / Implants: ICL is the most advanced vision correction procedures adopted worldwide. The aspherical lens is fixed and placed over the natural lens of the eye surgically to for vision correction errors asking remarkable results.
  • Contoura vision: An improvement in spectacle removal surgery also recognised to Contoura Lasik. The high level of accuracy with the surgery is majorly due to the topographical mapping of the eye. Contoura works on the visual axis rather of the pupillary axis. This treatment on visual axis brings intensified visual clarity.
  • Femto LASIK (Blade free): Most high-level Lasik surgery in today’s day and age. High level of protection and efficiency is guaranteed with Femto LASIK.

All of them are safe procedure but LASIK is more popular

At Eyemantra, we are a team of skilled ophthalmologists who’re skilled in performing the LASIK, SMILE, ICL surgeries and transplants for everyone who uses spectacles or contact lenses. As a mainstream treatment for weak eyesight, LASIK is a safe procedure with very rare complications. Laser specs removal surgeries performed by us have served people leave their spectacles forever.

Comparison and Similarities between Specs Removal Surgries

Specs Removal
Dry Eyes
Change in Corneal (Strength) Biomechanics
AccredationUS-FDA ApprovedUS-FDA ApprovedUS-FDA Approved
Beyond 6/6 Vision (Super Human Vision)
Re TreatmentsMay beNoMay be
Tissue SavingNo
Visual Axis Treatment i.e Natural Seeing Axis of EyeNoNo
Better Reading and DrivingNoNo

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