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“An estimated 253 million people live with vision impairment: 36 million are blind and 217 million have moderate to severe vision impairment. These numbers are projected to triple by 2050”
Thankfully, 80% of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured. In fact, half of the world’s blindness is caused by cataracts, a condition that can be reversed with a 15-minute operation.
Eye Mantra Foundation targets this segment of the world’s population. Eye Mantra Foundation works to eliminate curable blindness for society’s wellbeing. We believe it is everybody’s right to see how beautiful the world is.

Benefits of good vision


People with poor vision can be a threat to themselves and to people around them. Everyday activities can become extremely dangerous like “walking, brushing, writing, etc.” which can lead to the person falling into the trap of unnecessary accidents.


Correct eye vision can lead to ease in life. Now, a person can do things much easier as compared to the time when he had poor vision. Better vision leads to better productivity of work. It also helps in saving time.


People with low vision have to put in the extra effort while doing any work. People with poor vision always struggle with reading or writing things. School going children with low vision always have to sit in front to understand what is being written. Investment in good vision allows more freedom to the people.

Quality of life

Poor vision can make you feel left out in many areas of life. There are a few moments that take place only once in our lifetime and missing out on them is certainly a disadvantage. With vision correctness, people can do many things that they have always wanted to do. Correct vision can lead to a healthier life approach which in turn can lead to a happy life.

Economic stability

Poor vision doesn’t only affect the health of a person but can also be a cause of their economic instability. With correct vision, people can become economically stable as they can now do work for their daily living and obtain economic stability in life.

Impediments to eye care


It’s about the finances,doctors charge a high fee for consultation which everyone can’t afford.


Many a time,in rural areas patients don’t believe what the doctor is advising. They believe that doctor is just advising them just for his profit.


Communication plays a vital role. If you’re not able to make your patient understand then he/she won’t let you proceed for the treatment of it.

Clinic Accessibility

Many of the hospitals don’t have proper resources for a proper eye care.

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