Eye problems during summer & monsoon season with Eye Care Tips

Eye problems during summer & monsoon season

An Overview

Eye problems during summer & monsoon season with Eye Care Tips: Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. We rely on eyes to make the sense of the beautiful world around us, but the high heat and humidity present in our surroundings during summer and monsoon can be trouble causing our eyes. From the time when this CVIOD-19 outbreak has taken place, we are forced to be inside the home for our own safety. The good thing about this was we were somehow safe from the adverse effects of this humid high heat summer season. Now when the lockdown is being lifted up by the government, it is already the starting of the Monsoon. The humidity level is now has increased to a higher level by the rain. We have to come out of our home for our daily needs and do our eyes. We want to meet our friends and family, move out as it has been a while we have not gone out because of COVID. During all these, we should keep in mind that the heat waves and the rainwater which directly come in contact with our eyes could cause many types of infections in our eyes. We have to take care of our eye from these infections by proper aids and knowledge and this article will give you effective information on different types of eye problems during summer and monsoon season.

The eyes are prone to infection if proper eye protection is not done from sun and rain. The sun rays around us have ultraviolet rays also with them and these rays can accelerate the formation of cataracts in the summers and it also intensifies the problem of dry eyes. Moreover, during the rainy season, the number of cases of stye and conjunctivitis substantially increases as these are infections the take place due to the rain and humidity.

Now it’s time to go through each of these eye problems during summer & monsoon season so that we could have a better knowledge of all the issues and we can save our precious eyes from them –

1.Dry eye

During the hot days when we are frustrated with the heat, the most effective solution we can see to make ourselves comfortable is the air-conditioner. The air conditioners are very easily effective in maintaining our body and room at a temperature that is quite low from the surrounding but these air conditioners are also very much responsible for an eye problem known as Dry eye syndrome. The air conditioners cool the room and dehumidify the room air. Due to dehumidification the air becomes dry and causes the evaporation of the watery layer of the tear film and thus leaves our eyes lubrication less and prone to the infection.


  • Feeling of grittiness
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Pain
  • Redness or Watery eyes

There various other factors also due to which the dry eye syndrome could take place and these are Diabetes, Thyroid, Vitamin A Deficiency, Rheumatoid Arthritis Tear Gland Damage. The reason for the dry eyes could be anything stated above but one thing is scientifically proven that the weather condition intensifies the problem of the dry eye syndrome. The diagnosis of this problem should have to be done on time because the patient could develop corneal surface disorder such as abrasion, corneal ulcer, and other severe eye problems. It could have a severe impact on the eye of the person as the person with dry eye disease could not use the digital screens for a long period of time.


The seasons of the rains are the best suitable time for this infection to occur. Conjunctivitis is communicable, thus it transfers from one person to another. This infection condition is caused due to virus bacteria or Chlamydia. The reasons because of which this condition could occur are due to expired eye cosmetics, contact lens cleaning solutions, bleach in the swimming pools, etc. conjunctivitis is communicable and transfers from one person to another by direct or indirect touch. To avoid the infection one must not use the shared towel napkins and handkerchiefs. We should also avoid the use of the same pillows. The eyes during this condition become pick and could easily be treated if proper treatment is taken on time. Conjunctivitis could be stopped from spreading just by maintaining personal hygiene and wash hands at regular intervals

3. Stye

This condition is caused when the oil glands on the surface of the eyelids are blocked and the bacterial infection develops in it. This causes the swelling of the infected portion and redness in the eye. The simplest technique to avoid this eye condition is to maintain eye cleanliness. We should gently rub the eyelids to clean it up and get rid of the dead skin cells which cause the blockage of the oil glands. We should also avoid expired cosmetics, dirty towels, and contaminated dirty hands.


Summer means holidays, and holidays means children are at home. In these hot summer days, children do not prefer to go out and play they find it very soothing to sit in front of the televisions sets and play video games on mobile phones and play stations.  This COVID has also left very limited choices in front of parents and children. This interaction of children for prolong hours with the digital screen causes the digital eye strain to the eyes of the children. This condition in the eyes causes dryness, irritation, and redness of the eyes and it can also be very painful for the children.

In this COVID the studies are also online and the interaction with the digital screen is now unavoidable so there are some tips and steps that one could follow so that the eyes could be saved from digital eye-straining:

  1. Children should take a break every 30 minutes and should focus on any distant object this could provide relief to the eyes from digital strain.
  2. They should maintain a distance of at least 1 foot from the digital screens they are using.
  3.  They should limit their time with the digital screen and should take proper sleep.
  4.  In case the eye problem develops parents should take them to eye specialists.


Eyes are very sensitive and are prone to infection throughout the year so one could follow these instructions all year long to safeguard their eyes from any kind of infection or strain.

  • Wash your eyes with cold water after coming from outdoors during monsoon season
  • Keep the contact lenses in a closed container and clean them regularly to avoid any type of fungal or bacterial infection on them.
  • Wear sunglasses during the hot summer shiny days which are 100% UV protected when you step out of the home.
  • Always have eye protection as our eye can also sunburn-like our skin.
  • The cool eye mask should be used during the summer if feel excessive dryness in the eye.
  • Never challenge the sun by directly looking at it.
  • Do not use cosmetics during any kind of eye infection or strains especially during the monsoon season.
  • Stay hydrated especially during the summers when the body needs more water than other times because it becomes very difficult for the eyes to make tears if the body is severely dehydrated.
  • Protect your eyes from the rain splashes as it brings dirt to the eyes and can cause irritation in them.
  • You should rinse your eyes with clean water if you are caught in any dust storm because this dirt in the eyes can cause various infections and irritation in the eyes.
  • In Case of any eye infection or problem, you should see the doctor as soon as possible so that proper treatment could be given on time. You should get your eyes to check on a regular basis by a certified ophthalmologist.

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