Do’s and Dont’s for protecting your eyes while playing holi

Tips to protect eyes during Holi

Holi a festival of colour and the most relishing festival for people of India. Vibrant colours are being seen everywhere with the most cheerful and delightful environment. The festival not only brings happiness but the excitement with it. But the most important thing is to take care of yourself i.e your skin, hair and eyes. They need protection from the harmful colours that are used in Holi festival. Protect eyes during Holi is very important as its the most delicate part of the body.

A few years back there was a time when people uses flowers, herbs and vegetables for making colours. But nowadays synthetic colours are used for making colours. While playing Holi colours are threw very badly especially into the eyes. Eyes are the most delicate and the most exposed parts of the body, especially in festivals like Holi. Not taking care of your eyes when playing with colours in Holi can end in eye irritation or allergies, likely temporary blindness and skin infection. Some colours can be harmful and can cause cancer in future. Ask everybody to apply on herbal colours for playing Holi.
The scent and the fragrance of the flowers was the essential agent, assuring the advantages to skin and health. The therapeutic value of these natural blends can help in relaxing.

So let us discuss the do’s and don’ts while playing Holi. To avoid surgeries like Cornea Surgery, Low vision and retina surgeries protect eyes during holi and follow the these Do’s.

protect eyes during holi


Wash the eyes with clean water

While playing Holi one must assure to constantly wash the colours off from the area around our eyes with clean and drinking water. You can apply Rose Water to keep clean eyes. Rosewater helps in eliminating spots of colours and dust from the eyes. Rosewater also holds antiseptic properties. Also, it helps in reducing the eye irritation affected due to the chemicals. Keep washing eyes if anyone tries to attack you from colours but with clean water.

Apply Eye drops to lubricate the eyes

When the festival is over, you must clean your eyes with cold water and then after this you must lubricate our eyes with suggested eye drops by your doctor. Various eye drops are available in the market are advised to apply to get rescued from any eye allergies. Using eye drops will give your eyes relief from itchings and pain. Use one drop before and after playing Holi. Protect eyes during holi and apply safe eye drops.

Wear sunglasses glasses or handy shades

We must always close our eyes when someone tries to apply beautiful colours on our face. Further, we must start the festivities of colours with wearing sunglasses or shades handy. Thus, applying protective eyewear is a shielding measure to protect our eyes from colour invasion and allergies. Never Think of removing them while playing Holi. The Sunglasses will help to get protection from colour water or powders entering into the eyes.

Wear lenses- Daily disposable lens

For Holi, if you do want to wear lenses the best applying lense will be a disposable daily wear lens and discard it after playing Holi. You can easily by them from the optical shops and they are easily available. Also, your contact lens specialist will be able to give you lenses which you may use and discard. Even they are available on online shopping sites.

Use a Good Cream and Coconut oil

Use a cold cream around your eyes to evade a space of getting any colour in your eye. The cold cream acts protection from the Holi colours. Even before you play Holi, massage with natural coconut oil around your eye. Just like cream, coconut oil will avoid the colour from entering your eye. This is one of the most high-grade eye care tips to comprehend when playing Holi.

You should be especially careful of the granular particles of the chemical colours. These are poisonous and can as affect abrasion in the cornea. This eye difficulty causes severe pain and requires to be treated by an expert for preventing the growth of ulcer or infection.


Do not rub your eyes

Try and avoid touching your eyes and face throughout the Holi celebration, but to cover your eyes and nose while playing Holi. Our first reaction is always to rub our eyes believing that the irritation and itching will go away, but it is more harmful. Even then, it is recommended to cover the eyes with a fresh handkerchief or clothes. This is because your hands may be stained, and create infections. Also, the colour on your hands may be transferred to your eyes, creating problems.

Any particle in the eye, when rubbed, can head on to corneal abrasion, or a cut on the cornea, which is a severe condition. This can also influence the eye to infections and even ulcers. In case of any mechanical trauma, like a cut on the eyeball, rubbing can enhance the loss manifold. Protect eyes during holi don’t rub them with dirty hands.

If redness continues, discuss with an ophthalmologist.

Never self-medicate for eyes especially

In case of an eye injury, it is most beneficial to take the help of an eye care professional. Most hospitals and clinics are asked to take care of eye injuries during Holi, and you will be attended to promptly. Every eye drops are not alike and many times using the incorrect eye drops can create more damage While using eye drops, it is crucial to ensure that they are not past their expiry date.

Also, in India, chemists can hand out steroid drops. You should be careful of using steroids in the eye as even they give instant relief but in future, they can create critical long-term damage.

Do not use lenses Contact lenses

The power lenses must be avoided using in Holi festival on disposable daily recommended for playing Holi. The Contact lenses do can give safety it is because of Hygroscopic properties of taking water and absorb it. While playing Holi, the dyed colours enter into the eyes which can cause harm to the lenses and further lens can create harmful infections.
The aniline dyes irritate, used on the exterior of a contact lens enhances its appearance. Also has its side effects point to a total loss of epithelium from the eye. This further leads to severe pain and long-lasting eye problems. Protect eyes during holi as wearing of power lens can cause the above effects.

Avoid using water balloons and toxic colours 

All eye emergencies and need to be looked into immediately. Avoid playing water balloons at the Holi festival. Water balloons can me most critical and cause blunt trauma to the eye which may start to bleeding in the eye, lens subluxation or dislocation, macular oedema or retinal detachment.
Also, this can lead to loss of vision or even loss of an eye. protect eyes during holi from chemical colours.

Most of the colours include dangerous chemicals like mercury, asbestos, silica, mica etc. They are industrial dyes, and alkalis, which are very toxic to the human skin, and mainly to the eyes. Their use can create symptoms like irritation, redness, allergies and even lasting loss of vision in a state of harsh chemical injury to the eye. It is best to use the traditional natural colours created from flowers and turmeric.

Never keeps eyes exposed in Holi

Its recommended that one should always try to cover eyes with some clean cloth or sunglasses. Keeping eyes exposed without any protection can smear colour directly into the eyes and cause numerous types of :

Play sage and stay secure in Holi!


Taking care of eyes on this day is a necessity, as it is the most delicate area which is exposed directly. You may follow all do’s and keep in mind the don’t. The eyes can get damaged easily while Holi because of their position in the body and also due to the use of toxic chemicals in colours these days. So play safe and take care of all the body parts especially eyes.

Protect eyes during holi!

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