Reason behind your Red Eyes and How can you Cure them

Reason behind your Red Eyes and How can you Cure them

Red eyes are the condition in which the blood vessels present in the eyes are either swell or causes irritation in the eyes. It is also known as bloodshot eyes.

The underlying causes of red eyes

Red eyes are mainly caused due to inflamed blood vessels in the eyes. This causes redness in the eyes in the white part of the eyes. The visible symptoms of red eyes include irritation, itching, appearance of red colour in the white part of the eye, fluid discharge, feeling of pressure on the eyes. Though some of the causes may not be of much concern, it can lead to serious conditions when it starts to affect the eyesight of the person. The most common causes of red eyes are presence of irritants, eye infections, conjunctivitis, allergens, blepharitis and many other underlying causes.

  • Irritants– In the air there are usually many unwanted particles present which when come in contact with the surface of the eye can cause red eyes. The irritants like dry air, cough, dust, cold and bacterial infections cause the blood vessels to swell.
  • Eye infections– The infections in the eyes also leads to redness in the eyes. It can lead to some complications in the eyes and also cause pain and change the vision. Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and uveitis are the most common eye infections.
  • Conjunctivitis– It is a serious condition in which the redness of the eye is caused due to bacterial or viral infections in the eye. The eyes turn back into normal in a day or two. Consultation of the doctor is required if redness remains for a long time.
  • Allergens– Some people face redness in their eyes when they come in contact with the pollen grains present in the air. The presence of mold also causes the red-eye and is a common allergen. Some people also have an allergy to pet dander, and it can also cause redness in the eye.
  • UveitisUvea is a pigmented portion of the eyes and its inflammation can cause red eyes. It can lead to pain and redness near the coloured part of the eye.
  • Substance abuse– People who are under influence of alcohol and drugs have red eyes due to dilation in the blood vessels of the eyes. This type of redness is temporary and is harmless.

Treatment :

Redness in the eyes usually remains for short time like for a day or two. Only in some conditions the adverseness may increase and may cause a change in the vision and extreme pain. In such conditions, it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately. The other symptoms where patients should visit the doctor are blurry vision,green or yellow discharge from the eyes, seasonal redness in the eyes can cause extreme pain and pressure.

The other treatments for mild red eyes include taking drugs having naphazoline or tetrahydrozoline in them. These two components when present in the eye drops help in the decongestion and clear up the eyes of any irritation. They help in treating red eyes caused due to any allergens.

The eye lubricant drops are also helpful in treating such conditions. In case there is an infection in the eye which is causing the redness then, the doctor might suggest using glaucoma drops or antibiotic drops to treat the infection in the eyes. These medicines should be taken under proper consultation only.

There are also small home remedies that can give small-term relief to the person suffering from red eyes. Soaking the towel in warm water and keeping it on the eyelid can help ease the irritation and red eyes. This method is called a warm compress. In this the person needs to put the towel soaked in warm water over the eyelid for at least 10 minutes and then repeat again. Keeping a warm environment helps in increasing the blood flow of the blood vessels present in the eyes by heat radiating from the warm towel. It also helps in increasing the oil production of the eyes.

Opposite to this method is the cold-water treatment or the cool compress. In this instead of warm water, cold water can be used. Extreme cold water should be avoided as it may increase the redness of the eyes. A cold compress helps in reducing the itchiness and irritation in the eyes.

These two home remedies provide temporary relief from the red eyes and irritation. If symptoms of red eyes persist then, it is highly recommended to consult a physician for the same.

Small changes in our food habits and surroundings can also have a positive effect on red eyes and can cure them naturally. Staying dehydrated can cause irritation and bloodshot eyes which can be prevented by drinking an ample amount of water to maintain the body fluids. Processed foods, fast foods and dairy products when consumed in excess can cause inflammation in the eyes. To reduce its effects, maintain a proper and healthy diet by introducing more anti-inflammatory foods. Foods rich in omega-3 should be consumed by the person having red eyes as it helps them to reduce the inflammation in the eyes. Places having high number of pollens, smoke and dry air should be avoided by the person having red eyes due to allergens.

How to prevent occurring of red eyes?

Some small precautions and care can help to lower the chance of contracting red eyes. Proper hygiene and care of the surrounding can reduce the occurrence of red eyes.

  • A person who came in contact with the person having any kind of eye infection should wash their hands thoroughly and should avoid touching their eyes by the unwashed hands.
  • Women who wear eye makeup on the regular basis should remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup residues left in the eye can lead to redness in the eyes.
  • Wearing unclean contact lenses for longer period of time also increases the chances of getting red eyes which can be avoided by wearing clean contact lenses for some period.
  • Increased screen activity can lead to red eyes and inflammation. So, one should avoid long screen time and should take a break in between to reduce the strain on the eyes.
  • Surroundings having the presence of excess allergens should be avoided by the people who are prone to red eyes due to allergens.
  • One should avoid staying dehydrated for long time and should maintain their body fluids.
  • If there is any contamination in the eye then you should wash it with water thoroughly in order to get rid of the contamination.
  • Proper sleep is necessary for the eyes to relax. If a proper sleep at night isn’t available it can lead to itchiness and redness of the eyes and in worse conditions can lead to eye infections.
  • People with drinking habits should reduce the amount of alcohol and drug consumption as it causes redness in the eyes.

With proper care, red eyes can be prevented easily. If the symptoms still persist and the condition (infection) of the eyes worsens then a visit to a doctor is recommended as they would help you to determine the main cause of redness in the eyes.

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