Guard your eyes against Nasty infection During Summer and Monsoon

Guard your eyes

Guard your eyes against Nasty infection During Summer and Monsoon: The eyes are among the most sensitive organs of the body and are considered to be one of the most important senses. Despite this, taking good care of our eyes is often ignored, resulting in many people losing their sight.

And; if we talk about this current situation, in this pandemic COVID-19 situation we should properly take care of our eyes is most important as well. Because studies show that eye is also a medium for COVID-19 through which it also spreads.

Generally, In sunny weather of Summer and humidity during the monsoon can spoil our vision. Not only the heat waves of the sun during summer affect your eyes but also the direct contact with me in the eyes and rainwater too can cause various eye infections such as too much exposure to sunlight cause dry eyes and also the ultraviolet rays of the sun also create the symptoms of cataract.similarly during the season of monsoon the high humidity and rain can cause eye diseases like conjunctiva and styes like chalazion, external and internal hordeolum. Ophthalmologists considered that the number of patients increases in the season of monsoon and summer.

Let’s talk about the various eye problems and infections that you should be care full about during sweating heat and rain.

  • Digital eye strain:-

In today’s computerized and technology-rich world everybody must have been so familiar with accessories like computers, television, and smartphones which Make their eyes poor and create a condition known as digital eye strain. It causes various symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, dry eye, and eye strain which make people discomfortable.

          Especially if we take a look at the current situation we can observe that worldwide COVID-19 outbreak locked every person and pupil, so everyone completes their tasks and works by digital devices. Elders do the official works and younger use it for their online classes, and also for entertainment all use these devices in day to day life. But prolonged use of smartphones/computers having a side effect on our eyes. Which becomes the main Source of digital eye strain.

       So everyone should look after it and take 10 minutes to break from the screen after one hour of use. Also, continue the exercises like palming for 20-30 minutes or look at a distant object or side to side eye movement etc which may make your eye comfortable and strain-free.

  • Styes:-

Styes like Chalazion, hordeolum are caused due to infection in the oil gland (meibomian gland/ gland of Zeis or Mole) in our eye. It can show symptoms like swelling of lids, mild watering, photophobia, redness like painful conditions. We can avoid this by maintaining hygiene and hot compression on eyelid 2 to 3 times a day. Besides, also avoid using the expired eye cosmetics, dirty hand, and contaminated /infected napkins.

  • Conjunctivitis:-

During monsoon season, conjunctival is seen as the most common infection in maximum people. In this case inflammation of conjunctiva occurs and also watery mucus discharge happens.

Conjunctivitis may be viral, bacteria. Conjunctivitis is caused due to poor hygienic conditions,hot dry climate, poor sanitation, and dirty habits. These factors help the infection to establish, as the disease is highly contagious. If anybody directly through close contact as airborne infection or es waterborne infection it spreads easily. So we should maintain hygiene or sanitation in every situation.

  • Dry eye:-

Especially in summer, the humidity of air is very negligible, So the air becomes dry. That’s why evaporation occurs from the tear film of our eye, which causes dry eyes, and loss of lubricant prone the eye for more infection. Studies also reveal that environmental factors such as weather trigger allergies can play a significant role in these conditions. It shows symptoms like itching, irritation discomfort. Dry can also be caused due to other diseases like damage to tear films, Vitamin A deficiency, diabetes, and thyroid.

Delay in dry eye syndrome may cause serious diseases like Corneal abrasion, corneal ulcer, and many severe eye problems. Everyone should consult with an ophthalmologist to avoid dry eye symptoms.

Not only in summer or monsoon also at every time of the year our eyes get infected so we become more careful about these. So, some advisable tips are below to protect your eye and promote your vision for life long:-

  • Never look directly at the sun, because the UV radiation may harm your eyes.
  • Whenever you go for outdoor sunglasses labeled “100% UV protected ” only.
  • Always wash your eyes with cold water whenever you return from an outing.
  • Never keep your contact lens out in the open and make sure to clean the cases frequently.
  • Maintain hygiene and never push your finger directly into the eye. Sanitize your hand and then use a tissue if you need to run your eyes.
  • Avoid using cosmetics during an eye infection or surgery.
  • Also wear a head or carry an umbrella to give extra protection to your eye.
  • Also dehydration regions a dry eye syndrome. So drink plenty of water as a daily diet.
  • If at any time you feel inflammation at eyes then give cold compression 10 to 15 minutes to your eye.. If any dust particles fall in your eye please wash it instantly because the particle may be toxic and cause a serious infection to your eye.

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