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Women Rights In India

It is said that the country has evolved much when it comes to its development. But will you accept the fact that the mindsets of people have evolved in the same direction, or at the same pace? The answer is a Big No. Still, some people don’t want their girl child to be educated. They indeed don’t realize the importance of it. Then why do these people look for a lady doctor or women rights organizations when their wives and daughters are in need?

They say women should not speak much, they should remain passive in every matter of the family. They don’t have the rights to raise their voice for themselves. Then, why do these people deny marrying a dumb girl? These are all hypocrisies prevailing everywhere in society. And we say that we have evolved. We are doing nothing but fooling others as well as ourselves.

Women Rights In India

For ages, the plight of a woman or a girl child has been known to all of us. But a few of us even consider it hard to accept. And they want society to continue with that same stereotypical mentality for their materialistic gain. Women have been fighting for equal rights for a long now. Though, the battle is not won completely. But there wouldn’t have been any start if women’s rights organizations in India have not first, realized and then acted accordingly to combat the issue.

Several organizations are running in the country for different causes. Women’s rights organizations in India are those organizations that have understood the causes and pain of women, now have come forward with the solutions as well.

Therefore, we research the best women’s right organizations in India for helping women in empowering themselves and understand the right meaning of quality:

10 Best Empowering Women Rights Organization In India

1) Guria India– The Best Women Rights NGOs In India

Just think of a situation where a girl has just gone through sexual abuse, and then instead of questioning the culprit, we start doubting and interrogating the victim itself. What kind of justice is this? Guria India is one of the best women’s rights organization in India, which stands up for these girls who are unable to speak for them in the time of need.

Guria India- The Best Women Rights NGOs In India

The organization acts as a guide, right from the very beginning including the filing of the FIR to collecting evidence to make their cases stronger. Adding to legal aid, they even take the victims through counselling to make their psychological condition stabilize for them who have met the trauma.

The mission of this organization is to educate women about their rights and how to take a stand for themselves when no one is there for them.

2) International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC)

There is a misconception prevalent in the society that girls are not safe outside the home. But this isn’t true. However, today people have started realizing the fact. Abuse and violence are taking place in homes in equal numbers as they are being witnessed outside. This is more than worse. Because victims in such cases either willingly keep mum to hide their family matters, or they are forced to do so with the threat of becoming homeless.

International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care

PCVC is one of such top listed women’s rights organization in India that works for women who have been prey to the vultures in their homes themselves. The organization provides legal help to the survivors while ensuring their basic needs and resources for their living.

3) Sayodhya– Top Listed Women Rights Organization In India

This women’s rights organization in India also provides shelter for young girls and women suffering from trauma. Their helpline number is working all day and night so that they miss on to the victims in the time of their needs.  Also, in a case where the women are lacking legal aid, they do the needful by taking them to women protection centres.

Sometimes, it also happens so that the assaulters try to reconnect to the victims so that that they can ruin the existing evidence. Sayodhya makes sure that the safety of the women is kept at priority. Further, employment opportunities are also offered to them to earn their living and make themselves independent.

4) Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra

The main cause of any mishappening lies in a lack of awareness. However, these days, women have become cautious and aware of their fundamental rights, and have realized their importance as a living being. Still, a few of the women lack understanding. So several women’s rights organizations in India hold awareness campaigns and workshops to educate people regarding these issues. They tell them about the approach and the help the other organizations are voluntarily providing them, in the required times.

Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra

They provide the “Shiksha” (education) about where to stand up for their rights, be it their personal and professional areas. Committing to every situation blindly won’t do good in their lives. People start taking such personalities for granted and the victim ends up having zero at the end of the day.

5) Prerana

Prerna, one of the women’s rights organizations in India works for recovery, safeguard, and reestablishment of human-trafficking preys. To ensure the responsibilities, the fellow members in collaboration, with different state governments come up with structured anti-human trafficking programs and protocols to rescue the victims.


Including all that, they embolden the victims to present oneself as a strong and equally able person. The word “Prerna” means “inspiration”. Hence, the organization as its name suggests keeps on inspiring the victims not to lose hope and strive for better conditioning of their future.

6) Majlis Manch

The organization comes up with legal aidings for the victims in molestation cases. They run a program, ‘rahat’ (“relief”) for them. The program abides by different legalities as to how the cases should be filed and then taken forward. They raise awareness among the victims so that they do not dwell on useless and unending procedures.

Majlis Manch

7) The Prajnya Trust

Women have started stepping out for work also. Even there, they do not feel safe. The women’s rights organization in India, the Prajnya Trust does provide alertness and attention to those working out of their homes. Women in such cases feel more hesitant to report the matter. They fear the loss of employment. But there are certain programs and legalities which help those to solve their issues. And they make sure that the abusers have been punished severely.

The Prajnya Trust

8) Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell

The major objective of this women’s rights organization in India is to ensure gender equality and provide justice to them. They aim to provide women with more, self-determination, and sovereignty to lead their life in their conditions. For this, they equip women with counselling, lawful help, shed, and physical and mental recovery.

Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell

9) Committee for Legal Aid to Poor (CLAP)

However, reduced but acid attacks were one of the most brutal acts being committed in large numbers in the country.  The women’s rights organizations in India like the “Committee for Legal Aid to Poor” (CLAP) make sure that the trespasser is punished for the heinous crime he has done. They help the victims with the court proceedings. Also, they make sure that at least some amount of compensation is provided to the acid attack survivors from the government.

Committee for Legal Aid to Poor (CLAP)

10) ActionAid in India

ActionAid International is a universal federation, of which, Action Act in India is the women’s rights organization in India for the country. And Gaurav is the crisis centre for ActionAid that works for the needy without seizing. Victims are aided with all the requirements. They are not forced to indulge in legalities.

ActionAid in India

These were a few well-known women’s rights organization in India that ensures women’s safety. And their empowerment at the same time. There are much more other than these. The organizations are doing their duties pretty well. But we as citizens of the country should be little sensitive towards the matters and contribute our bit by giving donations. We can also come up as volunteers to work for the cause.

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