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1. Online consultation for North Macedonia patients with super-specialist eye doctors.
2. Affordable yet best treatment from top-rated Indian doctors
3. Treatment for all eye diseases including cataracts, squint, glaucoma & Specs removal at partner North Macedonia eye hospitals or in India

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About Us

Eye Mantra foundation is a well-funded super speciality eye care hospital chain based out of India. We intend to serve 3000+ patients from North Macedonia & other countries. Eye Mantra has 15+ eye doctors and optometrists on its panel, providing consultation to North Macedonia patients and top North Macedonia eye doctors. We pass on the benefit of low cost yet world class eye care in India to North Macedonia patients and North Macedonia eye hospitals.

How It Works

North Macedonia patient books online consultation with our doctors

Our super-specialist doctor advices on the eye treatment and surgery (if required)

You get treatment at one of our partner North Macedonia eye hospital or in India at affordable cost

Our team makes travel arrangement to partner North Macedonia eye hospital Or India

World Class Facilities

World Class Yet Affordable Treatment

Online Consultation

Online Consultation


Cataract Eye Mantra

Cataract Surgery

Starting $200

Retina Treatment

Retina Treatment

Starting $200

Lasik specs removal

Lasik Surgery

Starting $200

Squint Eye Treatment


Starting $200

Top Rated Doctors

Best Eye Hospital & Doctors In North Macedonia

EyeMantra foundation is a global nonprofit eye care organization that works with local communities in North Macedonia and around the world to develop self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.
EyeMantra helps connect patients in North Macedonia or across the globe with top North Macedonia doctors or surgeons in India. Our motto is to provide world class service to people looking for affordable eye care treatment in North Macedonia. Together we provide critical eye care to middle class and lower middle class segments of the society across North Macedonia
Today we have 15+ eye doctors and optometrists on its panel, including world’s best for cataract surgery, squint treatment, glaucoma surgery, retinal detachment surgery, Uvea, Diabetic retinopathy, paediatric-ophthalmologist, cornea surgery, oculoplasty, neuro-ophthalmology, low-vision-aids, computer vision syndrome & specs removal (Lasik, femto, zepto, contoura vision, smile eye surgery).
EyeMantra intends to provide online eye consultations, eye testing, surgeries, eyeglasses, medicine, and other eye care services to over 3000+ people in North Macedonia and 20 other countries.

We envision becoming best eye hospital in North Macedonia for the middle / lower income groups. EyeMantra looking has started hiring team of best North Macedonia eye surgeons and if soon planning to open fully owned eye care facility in North Macedonia.

Happy Customers From North Macedonia & Other Countries

I am very happy with my vision after Cataract Surgery at EyeMantra by Dr. Shweta Jain, who is one of the best Cataract Eye Surgery Doctors in India. I have been implanted with World’s best lens with the latest Micro Phaco Surgery. Looking forward to my second eye Cataract Surgery Operation shortly at EyeMantra only.
Old man
John Parker
Cataract Patient
The team that took care of me were true professionals and yet genuinely down-to-earth. They handled my Squint and vision issues pretty well. I had always had trouble seeing distance and now I feel like I can see through hills. The operation took just 10 mins.

Shikha Sharma
Squint patient
I am very pleased with the treatment Eye Mantra provides to international patients. All the arrangement for my Retina surgery was flawlessly done by their team including travel, accommodation, and surgery. I especially liked the personal counseling that was provided to me. Thank you, Dr. Poonam.
old lady
Catherine Jones
Retina Patient
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