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What Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted Situ Keratomileusis, is a safe surgery for vision correction or eyeglasses removal. It is a corrective eye surgery done to treat abnormal conditions of the eye like Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. In this laser eye surgery, a layer of the cornea called the stroma is reshaped so that the light focuses more accurately on the retina. This eye surgery uses cool ultraviolet rays with highly functional lasers and sophisticated tools to fix up the front portion of the eye. The laser treatment for eyes is generally a painless procedure and barely takes around 20 minutes for both eyes.

What Conditions Can Be Treated By LASIK?

Lasik surgery is effective in  treating many superior refractive errors which have been explained in detail:

Normal Vision vs Vision in Myopia

Myopia [Near Sightedness]

It is a condition of the eyes in which it focuses on nearby objects perfectly but fails to focus the far away objects. This can even lead to bigger problems like headaches and eye strain. Once you get the LASIK treatment done at Eye Mantra, you can feel the change as we aim to flatten the cornea so that it can help you focus the light properly on the retina.

Hyperopia [Far Sightedness]

It is the reverse condition of myopia. A person with hyperopia can easily focus on the images kept far away from them, but fail to focus on the images kept nearby. If he does not take the suitable treatment, the complications can be as severe as headaches and Blurred vision.

When you get laser eye surgery for hyperopia, the doctor elongates the eye to make the cornea steeper in order to increase the focusing power of the eye.

Normal Vision vs Vision in Myopia


Astigmatism sounds like a very serious disease but it means when the eye is not in round shape. The curvature of the eye is not appropriately symmetrical when a person suffers from astigmatism. The sole reason for these distortions in vision is the irregularities in the cornea. When a person undergoes LASIK treatment, the curvature of the eye is made symmetrical and appropriate for clear vision.

What Is The Procedure Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

The procedure of LASIK eye surgery takes 20 minutes to complete for both eyes. But, the patient should not dry back home on his own because the doctor recommends that the eyes should not be under any pressure for some time.

Following are the functions of a trained surgeon during a LASIK eye surgery

  • Formation of a thin hinged corneal flap with the help of a microkeratome.
  • Pulling back of the flap to examine the underlying corneal tissue
  • Usage of the excimer laser for the reshaping of cornea in the pre-specified default pattern.
  • Putting back the flap on the cornea without using the method of stitches.

What Are The Benefits Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

When thousands of people suffer from a vision problem, LASIK  treatment provides a safe, secure, and painless procedure to treat all the problems. It accompanies more benefits which have been accommodated in the given points:

  • The treatment is long-lasting and it has been proven effective in improving the eyesight of people.
  • It is also proven to recover in the least time without eyeglasses.
  • The treatment can also help you to get rid of spectacles and contact lenses.
  • The treatment is painless, bladeless, safe and US-FDA Approved.
  • There is no need of dressing for stitches after the surgery.

What Are The Surgery Options For Laser/LASIK In Nigeria?

Standard LASIK

Under this method, the cornea flap is created using a blade but it is painless and secured. It is one of the most basic standards for LASIK surgery.

Femto LASIK (Blade Free)

It is an advanced version of Standard LASIK and the most high-level LASIK surgery today. Instead of using a blade to create the corneal flap, a Femtosecond laser is used to create the flap. The whole process is completely automated. A high level of protection and efficiency is guaranteed with Femto LASIK.


SMILE is a flapless, bladeless, and dressings-free surgery. The recovery takes a few days, about 7 – 10 days. The dry eye aftereffects of the surgery are less with a SMILE.

ICL / Implants

ICL is the most advanced vision correction procedure adopted worldwide. The aspherical lens is fixed and placed over the natural lens of the eye surgically for vision correction errors asking for remarkable results.

Contoura Vision

An improvement in spectacle removal surgery was also recognized by Contoura LASIK. The high level of accuracy with the surgery is majorly due to the topographical mapping of the eye. Contoura works on the visual axis rather than the pupillary axis. This treatment on the visual axis brings intensified visual clarity.

LASIK Vs Contoura Vision Vs SMILE

BasisTraditional Cataract SurgeryLaser Cataract Surgery
Use of bladeSurgeon practices blade to create a hole in the eye for surgery.No use of the blade in laser surgery as everything is through machines and computers.
Time is taken in surgeryThe procedure takes about 20-30 minutes per eye.This procedure takes less than 5 minutes.
Blade-freeIt’s not 100% blade-free surgery.It is 100% blade-free, with no pain and stitches during surgery.
RiskIt is slightly computer-controlled but has lots of risk factors.The existence of an OPC is never dependent on the Nominee or Director. Can be dissolved by Regulatory Authorities.

Bladeless LASIK

  • Clear Vision
  • US – FDA certified
  • Femto Laser + Excimer Laser
  • Fastest Visual Recovery – Provides a Perfect Effect
  • Digital tracking while Laser delivery
  • Re-treatments possibilities

Contoura Vision

  • Keen Vision Possibilities – Beyond 6/6
  • US – FDA certified
  • Femto Laser + Excimer Laser + Topolyzer
  • specs Power rectification + Corneal Irregularities rectification+Visual Axis Treatment
  • Quick Visual Recovery – Presents everyone a Wonderful Effect


  • Standard Vision
  • US – FDA authorized
  • Only Femto Laser
  • specs Power Correction Possible Only
  • Healing takes 5-12 days – No great Effect
  • Manual Tracking – No Digital Tracking
  • Re-treatments probable

Criteria For LASIK, Contoura Vision, Or ICL

Eye Glasses PowerSpec Remove Procedure
-1 to -8All Laser Procedures (ICL, Contoura & LASIK)
-8 to -18ICL
+1 to +5Contoura Vision/LASIK
+5 to +10ICL or RLE

What Is The Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery system costs depend considerably on the procedure that you go for. The more exceptional the technology the higher the cost. Though, the price also involves the expertise and education of the ophthalmologist conducting the surgery. Only a few eye experts in Nigeria have the training and experience to do such procedures.

Eyemantra hospital is one of the top eye hospitals offering LASIK eye surgery at the best prices.  Standard Blade LASIK starts at ₹15,000.  Bladeless LASIK procedure in Nigeria may vary in cost between ₹75,000 and ₹90,000 (approx.) Of course, the exact cost will vary according to the complexity of each case and the procedure used. Here’s a comparison of the cost:

TreatmentCost (₹)
Standard LASIK15,000 – 30,000
C LASIK30,000 – 40,000
I LASIK (Bladeless)80,000 – 90,000
Contura Vision (Bladeless)100,000 – 130,000
Smile (Bladeless / Flapless)100,000 – 130,000

Best Eye Hospital For LASIK Surgery In Nigeria

There are many good hospitals for LASIK Laser surgery in Nigeria, including Vonnie Vision Eye Care Consultant Limited, Myvision Ophthalmic Eye Clinic, and Eye Mantra. Eyemantra Eye Centre is considered to be the best place for LASIK Laser surgery in Nigeria.

At Eye Mantra, we are a team of experienced ophthalmologists who’re skilled in performing the LASIK, SMILE, Contura, and ICL surgeries for everyone who uses spectacles or contact lenses.

If you are not satisfied with the contact lens and need to get freed from wearing glasses, then you can get LASIK laser, SMILE, Contoura Vision, or ICL from Eye Mantra at affordable costs.

Glasses, Contact Lenses, Or Laser Surgery – What’s Right?

Are you confused between glasses, contact lenses and LASIK surgery? Well, the answer primarily depends on 2 things : Preference and Budget:


Some people like wearing glasses, or contact lenses. Therefore, there is no requirement for the surgery. In case you do not intend to wear glasses then you can go for a contact lens or LASIK laser, SMILE, Contoura Vision, and many more procedures. They are the best way to remove Specs and are an effortless process without any pain.


Specs removal or LASIK Surgeries are expensive. Eye surgery at a good center shall start at around 30,000. So glasses or lenses would cost you around 2000-3000 a year, at the same time. So if you have that budget, you can go for the specs removal surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery is a procedure that eliminates and decrease the requirement of glasses or contact lens. An excimer laser smoothly reshapes the cornea with computer-controlled An excimer laser gently reshapes the cornea with computer-controlled accuracy to fix nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism kinds of problem.

Why is LASIK surgery performed?

The LASIK surgery is performed to correct the vision problems like Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness)and Astigmatism.

What is the cost of LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery starting cost is Rs 5,000/- per eye but can go up to Rs.2Lakhs.

Explain the procedure to get LASIK Surgery done?

The LASIK procedure involves 2 steps:
• The creation of the corneal flap by a precision flap making an instrument
• The reshaping of the cornea with an excimer laser.

How much time taken in performing LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery usually takes 15-20 minutes for each eye and all depends on the vision problem you are having.

How do you know if you are a candidate for Lasik?

To know that you are an eligible candidate for LASIK surgery, you must have these things :
1. At least 18 years of age.
2. History or findings of active corneal disease.
3. Wanting periodic changes in the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses.
4. Some conditions and medicines, steroid drugs may cause irregular changes in your vision.
5. Have large pupils and dry eyes

What preparations should be done before LASIK surgery?

Preparations before coming for LASIK
1. Put the antibiotic eye drops in both the eyes as recommended by your eye doctor, 6 times a day, one day before the procedure.
2. Do not use perfumes, powder, makeup on eyes and face on the day of LASIK.
3. It is preferable to stop using contact lens 1 week before surgery. A small relaxation is permissible in consultation with your doctor
4. Wash your hair on the day of LASIK so that you don’t feel the urge to wash them for next 2-3 days.
5. Take a normal light meal before coming for LASIK.

Are Laser LASIK surgery procedures safe?

LASIK procedures are very safe. These procedures are also US -FDA approved certifications, which means they have been given safety clearance for Human Eyes. However, like any other surgical procedure, it can have some complications which are extremely rare if a proper screening check is done before the procedure. Some patients might experience mild dryness in the eyes which is usually relieved by lubricating drops and disappears over time. Some may also experience temporary halos during night time which also reduces with time. Immediately after LASIK one might experience mild heaviness and blurring of vision. These are due to the effects of numbing eye drops used during the procedure. All these are rare and can be easily managed by your doctor. Nobody, in our surgical experience, has ever lost sight due to this procedure.

Is the LASIK procedure painful?

No, LASIK surgery is not a painful procedure. Many patients experienced that there is no feeling of pain with their LASIK surgery. Anaesthetic drops are applied to fully numb the eye before LASIK eye surgery. Before surgery, you may be provided with a mild sedative to give relax feeling to the candidate.

Can both eyes be treated in LASIK surgery at the same time?

Yes, many patients find it much more helpful to have both eyes treated on the same day.

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