NetraDan – The Gift of Sight Through Eye Donations


In recognition of the critical shortage of corneal donations in India and the profound impact of vision restoration on individuals’ lives, Eye Mantra Foundation proudly introduces “NetraDan: Vision for Generosity”—an initiative focused on promoting eye donation pledges. Through this program, we aim to raise awareness, inspire generosity, and facilitate the gift of sight to those in need.

The mission of Vision for Generosity is to encourage individuals to pledge their eyes for donation after death, thereby contributing to the restoration of vision and the prevention of needless blindness.

Raise awareness about the importance of eye donation, dispel myths and misconceptions, and educate the public about the impact of corneal transplantation on restoring sight.

Encourage individuals to pledge their eyes for donation after death, fostering a culture of generosity and altruism towards vision restoration.

Facilitate the eye donation process by providing information, resources, and support to individuals interested in making a pledge and their families.

Collaborate with eye banks, healthcare providers, government agencies, and community organizations to streamline the eye donation process and maximize donation rates.

Launching multimedia awareness campaigns across various platforms, including social media, television, radio, and print media, to reach a wide audience and promote the importance of eye donation.

Conducting educational workshops and seminars in schools, colleges, workplaces, and community centers to educate the public about eye donation and encourage individuals to make pledges.

Organizing eye donation pledge drives at corporate offices, public events, and community gatherings to encourage individuals to sign up as eye donors and make a commitment to give the gift of sight.

Providing support services to individuals who have pledged their eyes for donation, including assistance with documentation, communication with family members, and coordination with eye banks.

NetraDan Impact

  • Increased Donation Rates: By raising awareness and promoting eye donation pledges, Eye Mantra Foundation aims to increase donation rates, ensuring an adequate supply of corneal tissue for transplantation.
  • Restored Vision: Through the generosity of eye donors, countless individuals will have the opportunity to regain their sight and enjoy a better quality of life, free from the burden of blindness.
  • Community Engagement: By engaging with communities and fostering conversations about eye donation, we promote a culture of giving and solidarity, strengthening social bonds and collective responsibility towards vision restoration.
  • Legacy of Generosity: By pledging their eyes for donation, individuals leave behind a lasting legacy of generosity and compassion, making a meaningful difference in the lives of others even after their passing.

NetraDan embodies Eye Mantra Foundation’s commitment to making a positive impact on eye health and vision restoration in India. Through our CSR initiative, we strive to create a future where everyone has the opportunity to see the world with clarity and hope. Together, let us pledge to give the gift of sight and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.


Annual Sight Restoring Surgeries


people are Blind in India


of them are cured


of them can’t afford Medical Treatment

You Can Make A Big Impact With A Small Monthly Donation.

Blindness does not discriminate when choosing its’ victims. Millions of adults and children are impacted. We have set a goal to grow our monthly donations by ₹1500.00 per month.

Cataract Surgery

One Cataract Surgery

₹780/- per month will sponsor 1 cataract surgery annually.

Eye Exam

Eye Exam

₹340 per month funds eye exams for 30 children annually.

Cataract Kits

Cataract Kits

₹3470 per month sponsors 8 cataract kits for 40 operations annually.



₹6940 per month provides transportation to clinics for treatment annually.

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