Eyes Empower Her – Help Empower Girls and Make them Independent

Eyes Empower Her

In pursuit of gender equality and empowerment, Eye Mantra Foundation proudly introduces “Eyes Empower Her” – a transformative initiative aimed at training women as optometrists, Patient care coordinators and Counselors. Through this initiative, we seek to break barriers, promote inclusivity, and empower women to pursue careers in optometry, ultimately enhancing access to eye care services in underserved communities.

Promote gender equality by providing women with opportunities for skill development and career advancement in the field of optometry.

Enhance access to eye care services in underserved communities by training women as optometrists to serve their local populations.

Build the capacity of women to become skilled and competent optometry professionals, equipped to address the eye care needs of diverse populations.

Create a positive social impact by reducing barriers to eye care services and improving eye health outcomes, particularly among marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Improving Livelihood by skill training and providing employment.

Participants undergo comprehensive training in optometry, covering topics such as vision assessment, eye health evaluation, refractive error correction, and the fitting of spectacles and contact lenses from trained professionals.

Practical hands-on experience is provided through clinical rotations and internships at the EyeMantra Hospitals, allowing participants to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings under the supervision of our experienced optometrists.

In addition to technical skills, participants receive training in communication, patient care, professionalism, and ethical practice, enhancing their ability to provide quality eye care services with empathy and compassion.

Career development workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities are provided to support participants in securing employment or starting their own optometry practices upon completion of the program.

Eyes Empower Her Impact

  • Women’s Empowerment: By equipping women with the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in optometry, “Eyes Empower Her” empowers participants to achieve economic independence and fulfil their potential.
  • Access to Eye Care: Trained women optometrists become valuable assets to their communities, improving access to essential eye care services, particularly in rural and underserved areas.
  • Health Impact: Enhanced access to eye care services leads to improved eye health outcomes, early detection of eye conditions, and the prevention of vision loss and blindness, contributing to the overall well-being of communities.
  • Social Change: “Eyes Empower Her” fosters social change by challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes, promoting the inclusion of women in STEM fields, and advancing gender equality in the workforce.

Through our “Eyes Empower Her” endeavors, we’ve successfully provided training to over 10 optometrists, 20 patient care coordinators, and 25 counselors. Many of these individuals have since contributed their expertise to Eyemantra hospitals and charitable setups, while others have embarked on new professional journeys.

“Eyes Empower Her” represents Eye Mantra’s commitment to gender equality, community empowerment, and social impact. By investing in the training of women as optometrists, patient care counselors and counselors, you not only improve access to eye care services but also create opportunities for women to thrive, lead, and make a positive difference in their communities. Together, let us empower women, transform lives, and build a brighter future for all.


Annual Sight Restoring Surgeries


people are Blind in India


of them are cured


of them can’t afford Medical Treatment

You Can Make A Big Impact With A Small Monthly Donation.

Blindness does not discriminate when choosing its’ victims. Millions of adults and children are impacted. We have set a goal to grow our monthly donations by ₹1500.00 per month.

One Cataract Surgery

One Cataract Surgery

₹780/- per month will sponsor 1 cataract surgery annually.

Eye Exam

Eye Exam

₹340 per month funds eye exams for 30 children annually.

Cataract Kits

Cataract Kits

₹3470 per month sponsors 8 cataract kits for 40 operations annually.



₹6940 per month provides transportation to clinics for treatment annually.

Help empower girls and make them independent

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